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Linked Descendants Q&A

We both had the understanding that we couldn’t change the past, but we could take this step now and write a new beginning.

When genealogy friends find out they are family

Stacey Adger, descendant of enslaved people, writes of her newfound connection with Cheryl Hudson Passey, descendant of enslavers. They presented together recently at the Ohio Genealogical Society conference. Both are CTTT members.

Slavery Ties That Bind Freedom

Two women, one Black and the other White, connected through slavery, share intimate moments about how they were able to forge a remarkable friendship despite their family’s painful history

A Closetful of Skeletons

What do you do when your family tree contains so many Confederates and white supremacists, you can’t decide which one to write about first?

Virus is the latest battle of people v. profit

The decision to sacrifice the most vulnerable people to create and sustain wealth for the colonists resulted in a legacy of racial injustices that makes a clear case for reparations today.

Two Women Tackle Shared History

Two women, one descended from an enslaver, the other from the people he enslaved, travel together to the Deep South to learn their families’ pasts and reckon with their shared history.

Reparations Interview: Asheville, NC

Asheville activists Robert Thomas and Phoebe Kilby are interviewed about successful efforts in getting the Asheville Reparations Resolution passed in Asheville, North Carolina.

History Lessons

I discovered that my ancestors had enslaved people. Would connecting with a descendant of those who were enslaved bring anyone healing?

America, It’s Time for Racial Reckoning

Our country has been marred by the murder of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, coming on the heels of the brutal killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police in May. Their blood cries out for justice.

Raising the Dead: Coming to the Table

“Like Rosa Parks, I’m unwilling to give up my seat on the bus of history, and like Lucia King, committed to confronting history and finding a way to heal.”

Textbooks were ‘racist to the core’

Most public school students in South Carolina in the 20th century were taught from books written by the daughter of a slave owner and Confederate soldier.

Juneteenth 2014

Juneteenth commemorates the day in 1865 when many enslaved people discovered they were free. Interview with descendants from enslaved people and enslavers.

Gather at the Table on C-Span

C-SPAN’s “2014 Cities Tour” visited Bend, Oregon to feature the community’s literary life, including an interview with author and CTTT E. D. Tom DeWolf.

My Family Tree in Black and White

The descendant of a master-slave union faces an unexpected challenge: how to relate to the people whose ancestors once owned hers.

Free to form a new bond

CTTT members Bernadine Anderson and Jeff Fracher, descendants of slave and slaveholder from a Louisiana plantation, built a friendship by sharing family stories.

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