Getting Under My Skin: Reckoning with My White Confederate Ancestor

Mar 1, 2024

My essay seeks to move discussions of race, both past and present, away from partisan and ideological frameworks and toward the living dynamics of a particular family. Tracing my own efforts to discover and understand my ancestors’ complicated past, I hope to show not only that history is never a simple narrative but also that it remains both vibrant and deeply personal.

Long-time CTTT member Rev. Thomasina A. Yuille is one of the authors featured in a new annual collection of essays devoted to South Carolina history and culture.

“From the Piedmont to the Lowcountry, South Carolina is the site of countless engaging stories. The contributors to Carolina Currents share those stories, broadening our understanding of the state’s unique and diverse histories and cultures. A venue for public-facing interdisciplinary scholarship, each volume presents a collection of essays that illuminate the complex interactions between the state’s past and present.” Check out the complete collection HERE, where you’ll find Thomasina’s essay featured first, or download just her essay HERE.


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