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There are a LOT of resources, workbooks, manuals, and other downloadable materials available here on the CTTT website. We understand it can be complicated figuring out which resources are included under which menu headings at the top of the website. So, in addition to posting a wealth of materials throughout the site on various, relevant pages, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular, most-searched-for, links right here on this Quick Links page in alphabetical order. (If there’s anything you want and still can’t find, please contact us here and let us know)

Circle Process Introduction (2-page overview)

CTTT on Social Media:

The Little Book of Racial Healing (overview of CTTT Approach)

Opening/Grounding Activities (including quotes & activities to use in racial healing groups)

Restorative Justice Principles (2-page overview)

Starting a Local Affiliate Group (how-to/guidelines)

Touchstones (group agreements)

Transforming Historical Harms (free, downloadable manual)

Working Groups:


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