Genealogy Support

Genealogical Research rests at the core of the Coming to the Table Approach and its focus on Facing History openly and honestly. Many members of CTTT are active and skilled genealogists. If you would like help with your own research, or if you have skills you are willing to share with others in their research, please connect with our Linked Descendants Working Group.

Some of the many resources available to support those doing genealogical research:

Founded and sustained by CTTT member Sharon Leslie Morgan, Our Black Ancestry provides information and services that help people explore and appreciate African American family history and culture. The Our Black Ancestry Facebook Group has more than 35,000 members!


  • America’s Family Tree” – a how-to tutorial on genealogical research (black & white), including an explanation of DNA testing — presented by Sharon Morgan and Rachel Unkefer at 2018 CTTT National Gathering.

Coming to the Table Guides:


Additional resources for family research and DNA testing:

  • Cyndi’s List – a dynamic, curated list of genealogy websites, including African American resources.
  • FamilySearch – non-profit family history organization with huge collection of data. Membership is FREE.
  • – for-profit genealogy company with huge collection of data. Membership (U.S. only) is about $220 per year.
  • FamilyTreeDNA – DNA testing company. Autosomal test costs about $79.

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