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Your generous donations allow us to

provide leadership, resources, and a supportive environment
for all who wish to acknowledge and heal wounds from racism


Coming to the Table needs your financial support. This amazing community continues to grow as do the expenses we incur to support and sustain that growth. Here’s a snapshot of the numbers of members and the various places folks connect at the Table (virtually and in person).
Whether you’re able to donate $35 per quarter, $50 per month, $500 per year, or a one-time gift of any amount, your contributions will help CTTT cover expenses for:
  • Support for Local Affiliate groups, with the purchase a set of Little Books of Justice & Peacebuilding for new Local Groups, as well as ongoing one-on-one support and monthly calls for local group leaders.
  • Support for Linked Descendants, the BitterSweet Blog, Writing Pods, Genealogy Research Resources, and more.
  • Staff expenses, supplies, postage/shipping expenses, and the printing of 1,000’s of brochures, postcards, bookmarks, and resource materials CTTT distributes through local groups, for CTTT trainings and events, and at conferences where we introduce CTTT to a broader audience.
  • Planning and hosting National Gatherings every two years (planning has already begun for 2025). With sufficient funding and staffing, we hope to shift to annual National Gatherings rather than every two years AND to have future NGs be fully hybrid, so folks can participate in person or virtually.
  • The cost of our monthly newsletter service, web hosting & maintenance services.
  • Training Workshops focused on the CTTT Approach, Restorative Justice, Circle Process, Trauma Awareness, and more.
  • Providing scholarships for those who need our support to participate in CTTT Training Workshops, National Gatherings, and other events.

Won’t it be wonderful when we commit together to raise the funds to support:

  • Local Affiliate Groups in all 50 states (currently in 19).
  • A new financial assistance program for local and working groups to support programming and events (honoraria, meetings expenses)
  • More training workshops on a variety of topics such as local group leadership, restorative justice, circle process, strategies for trauma awareness & resilience, and historical topics; both virtually and in local communities around the country, including yours.
  • Annual, hybrid (in-person AND virtual) National Gatherings
  • Regional gatherings and topic-specific gatherings (such as Linked Descendants, Writing, Genealogy, etc.)
  • A greater voice for Coming to the Table in all forms of media

To support this growth, we need to grow our infrastructure:

CTTT has two employees, our co-managers. Tom DeWolf works ¾ time, and Jodie Geddes works ¼ time, for the equivalent of one full-time employee to oversee and carry out all the tasks listed above, plus much more. Imagine the impact CTTT could have with additional staff with expertise in:

  • Communications, social media, videography
  • Education & training
  • Local group support
  • Development/Fundraising

To set up your recurring, monthly contribution, or to make a one-time donation to Coming to the Table, click on the link below. You’ll be taken to a secure site to complete your donation. Thank you!


During these hyper-partisan times, I support CTTT because it facilitates meaningful connections across differences of ideas and identities. It’s an island of sanity.

Debian Marty

Oakland, California

A century and a half after slavery’s demise, its toxic legacy continues to stain our nation. Coming to the Table courageously confronts that legacy by fostering candid and difficult conversations across the racial divide. That’s why I’m proud to be a member of Coming to the Table and to support its mission with my financial contributions.

Bill Sizemore

Williamsburg, Virginia

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