The Little Book of Racial Healing

Available from the Good Books imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, this new addition to the Little Books of Justice and Peacebuilding series presents the Coming to the Table Approach in book form for the first time. You can order online at Amazon, (a small portion of sales through this Amazon link go to CTTT), or order from your local independent bookstore, which you can find via Indie Bound, from a Black-Owned Bookstore, or directly from Skyhorse.

Watch the Virtual Book Launch webinar sponsored by the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice.

PLEASE NOTE: 100% of author proceeds from this Little Book are donated to Coming to the Table to support the racial healing work described within its pages.

This rare jewel of practical wisdom shows us how to embody racial healing in truth and kinship. It reads with such ease and affinity that you will want to treasure it and share it with everyone you know.”

Ruth King
Author of Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out

That the authors have created clarity and coherency about so diffuse, yet tangled, a subject is amazing – and to do that in a Little Book is doubly amazing! This book speaks truth without condemning, offers hope without denying reality, and honors the core dignity in everyone. They have lived in their writing the path they describe.”

Kay Pranis
Author of The Little Book of Circle Processes
Co-author of Peacemaking Circles: From Crime to Community

This is a little book with a profound and magnanimous message: America is living in and out of unresolved racial trauma that ultimately must be confronted through processes of truth telling, reparatory justice and transformative healing. This book is truly a companion for the journey.”

Iva E. Carruthers, PhD
General Secretary at Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference

Interested in a Coming to the Table Workshop? 

To inquire about scheduling a “Coming to the Table Approach” workshop for your college or university, church, business or community group, based upon the elements and resources included in The Little Book of Racial Healing, message us on our “Contact Us” page – be sure to select  “CTTT workshop” as your message topic.

Check out our Workshops page for more details.

Links to key resources referenced in The Little Book of Racial Healing:

Recommended Reading for Further Study after LBRH

The Little Book of Racial Healing is a little book about a very BIG topic. To encourage further research and understanding, and to enhance your effectiveness in this important work, we offer several resources, with chapter by chapter relevance, to get you started.

More Stories from The Little Book of Racial Healing

All the stories used to illustrate the principles in The LBRH were written by CTTT members. More stories were submitted than could be used, due to strict space restrictions. The editor noted how difficult the choices were; how beautiful all the stories are. You can read them here.

The LBRH Writing Team

The Little Book of Racial Healing, like the CTTT Approach shared within its pages, was a team effort. Here is an introduction to everyone who helped create the book.

Zehr Institute webinar

Co-authors Jodie Geddes and Tom DeWolf were featured in a webinar hosted by the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice, and sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, in which they share key elements of the CTTT Approach, and answer questions from participants (one of the largest turnouts to date for this popular and influential series of webinars).

I Can Fix It (Volume 1: Racism) guide, by damali ayo

Artist, author, and former public speaker damali ayo was asked by a member one of her audiences to present a series of comprehensive and immediate solutions to the persistent problem of racism. Excited for the challenge, damali decided that “the more people arrive at the solutions the better chance they have of working for a wider range of people.” damali put the task to her email list of 2000+ people of many races from the United States and around the world. They sent in their responses and she compiled this guide using their words. damali encouraged people to download the guide and distribute it freely.

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