Building a bigger table for celebrating milestones

Apr 5, 2024

“I still remember that fateful day when I received a letter from Coming to the Table’s national office that said my application for a Historic Triangle chapter was approved. It wasn’t until I read the letter for the second time that I noticed the date, April 4 — the same date as the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Racing thoughts began to flood my mind. First I thought about the racial unrest that King’s death unleashed. There were riots and destruction in cities nationwide. I thought about how more than 50 years after his death, our nation is still grappling with racial injustices that King stood against.”

“Over the next five years, Coming to the Table-Historic Triangle will continue to focus on “building bigger tables,” working collaboratively with government, business, education, nonprofit and faith-based communities and offering monthly programs and annual events to facilitate discussions about local and national racial issues.”

To read the full article by Laura Hill, Local Group Leader for the Historic Triangle CTTT affiliate group in The Virginia Gazette Daily Press, CLICK HERE.

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