Start and Sustain a CTTT Local Affiliate Group

The most important action you can take on the path to racial healing, liberation & transformation is to create the opportunity for people to gather together in your community in a space designed for deep dialogue, accountability, and truth-telling. CTTT strongly encourages you to establish just such a group where you live, and will support you in doing so.


  • Starting a CTTT Local Affiliate Group: A guide filled with ideas on starting and sustaining a CTTT Local Affiliate Group.
  • The Little Book of Racial Healing: Coming to the Table for Truth-Telling, Transformation, and Liberation: An Introduction to the Coming to the Table Approach to racial healing; a must-read for CTTT members and groups.
  • Using a Circle Process: introduction to the best way we know to effectively and equitably facilitate group dialogue.

  • Using Touchstones: a guide to creating a set of agreements on how participants will treat – and be – with each other in “deep dialogue” using the CTTT Approach
  • Restorative Justice: fundamental to the CTTT Approach is incorporating RJ principles within your Local Affiliate Group.
  • Transforming Historical Harms: the THH manual looks at historical injustices and their present-day manifestations through the lens of trauma, how such trauma is passed down through generations, and what we can do to address the legacies and aftermaths.
  • CTTT Reparations Guide recommendations for short-term and long-term actions of repair for historic harms for individuals as well as communities and society as a whole.

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