Writers Working Group

There are many writers involved with Coming to the Table: authors of books, articles, blogs, screenplays, poetry, journals, and more. The CTTT Writers Working Group is focused on finding ways for writers to use their skills to be of service to CTTT, a place to discuss ethics in our work, to share what we write about (or want to write about), to encourage each other and to be inspired.

A Collective CTTT Writing Project!

Most recent update:

Two publishers have expressed interest in the Anthology described below. If all goes well, we hope it will be published in time for the National Gathering in June 2018. We’ll share more news as it becomes available!

What’s YOUR Story? Shared Legacies: An Anthology of Coming to the Table Stories

What's Your StoryComing to the Table members Jill Strauss and Dionne Ford have launched an effort to publish an anthology of nonfiction stories from as many CTTT members as possible, representing a variety of narratives for print and online publication.

Twenty-five people submitted abstracts/summaries. They are stories about personal history, preserving slave burial grounds, documenting enslaved and/or enslaving family connections, stories perhaps for the stage and/or films. Some are just beginning the journey to uncover and understand their heritage, Dionne and Jill are collecting these stories that connect the present with the past for a different future. The anthology’s multiple-perspective approach allows for analysis of a more nuanced picture of our national inheritance and efforts to challenge and transform this legacy by remembering, acknowledging, building relationships, and taking action in the present.

AND… adding to the excitement: Interest has already been expressed by a publisher, who is helping guide the the proposal process!

There have been two Community Conference Calls devoted to this project, both of which were powerful and inspiring conversations! Listen to the first call from October 2015 by clicking on the arrow to the left:

On February 28, 2016, Jill and Dionne hosted a 2nd call, focused on where we are to date with the Anthology, and the next stage of the book process. Again, to listen, just click on the arrow to the left:

Commitment and editing protocol from Dionne and Jill:We envision an anthology that shows who we are, why we have come to the table and how we live our mission: uncovering history, making connections, working toward healing and taking action. We hope this work will inspire new and deeper conversations and invite many more people to ‘Come to the Table’. We will edit your stories to be strong as individual chapters and also as part of the whole.

The Editors:

  • Dionne Ford, freelance writer and M.F.A. candidate at New York University. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, More, Brain, Child, Ebony and other publications. Her essay on her family’s history won two national magazine awards. Dionne joined CTTT in 2010 and served as board Vice President from 2013-2014.
  • Jill Strauss PhD teaches conflict resolution and communications at the City University of New York and is part of the Historical Dialogue Working Group at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University. Her research involves Restorative Justice Practices and the visual interpretation of narrative and difficult histories. Jill has been following CTTT since its inception and joined the organization in 2014.

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