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We’re grateful you’ve joined us

By joining Coming to the Table, you have made a commitment to embrace the vision of transforming the United States into a just and truthful society that acknowledges and seeks to heal from the racial wounds of the past — from slavery and the many forms of racism it spawned. You’re ready to do what you can to transform yourself and our world.

Now that you’re a Member of CTTT:

  • You are connected to a fast-growing community of people who are working to transform our world.
  • You will receive the monthly CTTT newsletter, which highlights useful resources, news, and local, regional, and national events and activities.

As you incorporate the CTTT Approach into your life and your work in your community, you’ll know you’ve done your best to confront racism and injustice. You’ll build authentic, accountable relationships with people you’ve undoubtedly been raised to see as “the other” and you’ll work together to transform and liberate yourself and others, one heart and soul at a time.

CTTT changes people.

Changed people change the world.

How To Get Involved

  • Donate to Coming to the Table:
    Sufficient funding is essential for CTTT to support this rapidly growing community. The ability “to provide leadership, resources, and a supportive environment for all who wish to acknowledge and heal wounds from racism that is rooted in the United States’ history of slavery” depends on the generous financial support of all our members. CLICK HERE to Donate!
  • Connect with local CTTT members in your area:
    We encourage you to join a CTTT Local Affiliate Group. If there isn’t one near you, we will support you in starting and maintaining a new one. There is no better path to transformation than with like-minded activists in your community.
  • Participate at an organization-wide level:
    Assist one of the several Working Groups within Coming to the Table. These are focused on organization-wide work like Reparations, Mindfulness, and Writing, among others.
  • Attend training workshops to help you make a bigger difference:
    You can apply for scholarships to attend CTTT Training Workshops, STAR Training (Strategies for Trauma Awareness & Resilience) or Summer Peacebuilding Institute classes through the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia. CTTT has awarded more than $15,000 in scholarship funds to more than a dozen members over the past few years.
  • Continue to educate yourself and grow:
    Devote time to reviewing the wealth of useful Resources on this website to support you in your work and journey toward racial justice and healing.

Here are some examples of what your donation to CTTT will do:

  • Your monthly donation of any amount will help with monthly office and postage expenses (yep, sometimes we still gotta use “snail mail”)
  • Your monthly donation of $35 will purchase a set of “Little Books of Justice & Peacebuilding” for new Local Affiliate Groups.
  • Your monthly donation of $50 will help cover the cost of our monthly newsletter service and web hosting and maintenance services.
  • Your monthly donation of $100 will help with printing costs for the 1,000’s of brochures, postcards, bookmarks, and resource materials CTTT distributes through local groups, for CTTT trainings and events, and at conferences where we introduce CTTT to a broader audience.
  • Your quarterly or annual donation of $250 will help provide scholarship funds for CTTT Training Workshops, National Gatherings, and other events.
  • Your annual donation of $500 will help with the expenses (travel, hotel, exhibit booth) to send CTTT representatives to attend conferences and introduce CTTT to new groups of people.
  • Your annual donation of $1,000 will help fund the development of new materials, staff and technical support.
  • Your annual donation of $1,250 will cover the tuition for a deserving CTTT member for a week-long class at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute

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