January 8, 2018


Contact: Gail Parrish or Lynda Davis



Today, 50 years after Dr. King spoke forcefully about reparations (watch here), our nation still has not fully acknowledged nor atoned for the harms of slavery and its aftermath.  Coming to the Table believes that our nation cannot be healed until that is done.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and in an effort to promote racial justice and healing, Coming to the Table (CTTT), a non-profit organization dedicated to repairing the harms of United States’ slavery and its many legacies, has published a Reparations Guide calling on organizations and individuals to commit to carrying out at least one or more of the reparative actions provided in the Guide.

The CTTT Reparations Guide  was developed from input offered by the CTTT membership over three years by a grassroots Reparations Working Group—everyday folks tired of waiting for official direction—conceived by the African-American members of the group with input from the European-American members as well as from others representing like-minded organizations.

The Guide is divided into personal and community/societal reparations. Examples of personal reparative actions include: patronizing African-American-owned businesses, reading African American authors on reparations, and advocating for the hiring of African-Americans in one’s personal and professional life.  Community/societal reparative actions include:  supporting HR40 in Congress (a bill to establish the study of U.S. reparations), working to create a mechanism for reclaiming land that was misappropriated to deprive African Americans of their inheritances, and holding corporations accountable for their profits accrued through association with slavery and its aftermath.

By releasing and encouraging use of the Reparations Guide, CTTT is taking immediate steps to spur discussion and action that can lead to our nation’s healing.