Reparations Working Group

Founded in 2015, the Reparations Working Group is comprised of Coming to the Table members who are very much oriented to “Taking Action,” one of the four pillars in CTTT’s approach to achieving its Vision and Mission.  The group was formed after several community conference calls on “reparations” and a subsequent solicitation for volunteers.

Since 2015, the group has been working to organize into a coherent document all the reparations ideas put forth by CTTT members during the initial conference calls, two breakout sessions at the 2016 CTTT National Gathering, and most recently, in response to a solicitation of ideas in the June 2017 CTTT Newsletter.

In June 2017, the Working Group reached out to other groups who have been working on reparations efforts. CTTT believes that to be effective, we must collaborate with other like-minded organizations, if significant reparations efforts are to succeed.

In January 2018, the Working Group Released the Reparations Guide in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, and because 2018 marks 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King spoke forcefully about the need for reparations.

King saw reparations as an avenue for the repayment of some of what our nation and other entities unfairly denied or stole from African-Americans. CTTT agrees with that assessment, and also believes that reparations can offer a way to breach our nation’s enormous racial divide by fully acknowledging and atoning for the harms of slavery and its aftermath. CTTT believes our nation cannot be healed until that is done.

The Working Group hopes the Guide will help spur action and discussion about the meaning and possibility of reparations.  Currently, the Working Group is asking organizations and individuals to commit to carrying out at least one or more of the reparative actions in the Guide. The Working Group invites you to accept this challenge, let us know about it, and provide feedback on the Reparations Guide as a whole.

You can review the Reparations Guide HERE. To provide feedback, to get more information, or to join the group, please contact us here.