Working Groups

Coming to the Table sponsors Working Groups formed by people associated with CTTT with a shared interest in a particular issue or activity related to the CTTT Mission, Vision, Values, and Approach. CTTT Working Groups study issues in order to develop resources or plans of action, or to meet a particular need or goal of CTTT, or to take action on their topic of shared interest, all of which are open to the larger CTTT community. Some groups may be ad hoc (to achieve a specific, short-term goal); other groups may be ongoing. If you would like more information about any of the Groups below, or ideas for starting a new Working Group, please contact us here.

  • Linked Descendants: People who are “linked” through their connections to historic enslavement.
  • Millennials: Dedicated to increasing the involvement of younger generations of activists in the work of CTTT.
  • Reparations: Exploring many avenues toward “repairing the harms” of slavery and its many legacies.
  • Writers: Creating opportunities for writers (authors of books, articles, blogs, screenplays, poetry, journals, etc.) to use their skills to be of service to CTTT, a place to discuss ethics in our work, to share what we write about (or want to write about), to encourage each other and to be inspired.
  • Mindfulness & Meditation: In connection with the “Working Toward Healing” pillar within the CTTT Approach, the Mindfulness & Meditation Working Group schedules regular opportunities for guided group meditations via video conference call, and has developed and compiled resources for groups and individuals to use mediation as a tool for racial healing.
  • Pilgrimages: Developing plans for  group journeys to visit sites of historical and spiritual significance to the African American and European American experience as another powerful way of living the CTTT Approach by uncovering history, promoting deep dialogue to build connections, advancing healing, and inspiring action for CTTT members.